Pitra Dosh Nivaran

pitra dosh nivaran

Pitra Dosh Nivaran, Pitra Dosh Nivaran Pooja, Pitra Dosh, What Is Pitra Dosh

Pitra Dosh is one of the most misinterpreted concepts of Vedic astrology; as many astrologers describe it as the curse of ancestors and accordingly they suggest remedies to pacify and please the ancestors, so that such ancestors may take back their curse. For this reason, these astrologers recommend their clients to get Pitra Dosh nivaran pooja performed at places like Haridwar, Badrinath Dham, Gaya Ji or Trayambkeshwar temple in order to rectify Pitra Dosh present in their horoscopes. These astrologers suggest that Shraadh karmas, poojas and charities should be performed at these places in order to pacify the ancestors.

However such remedies are not likely to benefit the natives suffering from Pitra Dosh as Pitra Dosh is not the curse of the ancestors but the ancestors of the native having this defect in his horoscope are themselves cursed. It means that the ancestors of one such native have committed bad karmas and the native has to pay for them. Hence the remedies for this defect; like Pitra Dosh nivaran pooja should not be performed with the goal of pleasing the ancestors, they should be performed with the goal of relieving the ancestors of their karmic debts so that the native may also feel relieved.

Pita Dosh

Pitradosh refers to ancestors of a person. All the ancestors which have been received to the vagina, are not wandering in the mortal world even today, due to the presence of attachment or untimely death. That is, Pitradosh peace measures are taken for the peace of all those who have not attained salvation. These ancestors want to be free from the pitrion due to their own suffering, but when they are forgotten by the incoming generation, the ancestral defect arises. Pitra Dosha Yantra has been made for Pitra Dosh Mukti, after worshiping this Yantra in his worship hall and chanting the following mantra regularly, the effect of Pitra Dosh is reduced.

This mantra is as follows: – “Pitra Devo Nam: ॐ Shanti” “Sarv Pitradosh Moksarthe ॐ Shanti”

Chanting of this mantra gives salvation to the ancestors. The reason for becoming Pitru Dosha: – When there is a combination of Sun and Rahu on the ninth, Pitru Dosha Yoga is formed, Pandit N. According to M. Srimali ji, in whatever sense the Sun and Rahu sit, all the fruits of that house get destroyed. There is such a defect in a person’s horoscope, which is capable of giving all these sorrows together, this defect is called Pitra Dosh. Pitridosh, that is, some of the deeds done by us or our ancestors or ancestors that become curses for us. There are many reasons for Pitra dosha. The fathers are blamed for causing premature death in the family, for insulting their parents etc., and for not performing proper rituals and shraddh after the parents. Pitradosh

Cow slaughter and feticide also cause ancestry. Remedies for Pitra Dosha: –

  1.  Worshiping the tree of Peepal brings peace of Pitra dosha, along with making milk pudding on Somavati Amavasya, offering it to Pitras also reduces this defect or else every Amavasya should be fed by a Brahmin and Pitra dosha is reduced by offering Dakshina clothes. Pitradosh
  2. On every Amavasya, frying kheer with fumigation of kande and offering pity in the south direction and getting forgiveness from them for their deeds is also beneficial.
  3. At sunrise, standing on a pedestal, looking at the sun, praying to give strength to it, and chanting the Gayatri Mantra also makes the sun stronger.
  4. Ruby is also worn to strengthen the sun, but it depends on the position of the sun in the horoscope.
  5. Worshiping Pitru Dosha on the day of Somavati Amavasya also provides relief in Pitra Dosha. Pitradosh
  6. Crows and fishes, ladoos prepared by mixing rice and ghee, should be given every Saturday.

pitra dosh nivaran puja

What effects does Pitra Dosh have on our lives?

Friends, the worst effect of Pitra Dosh in any person’s crook comes on the child of that person! For example, if there is a pitra dosha in the horoscope of a person, then that person has to deal with lack of children or child related problems! That person does not have children either, if it does not have more than one, he always faces health problems! And never gives happiness to parents in life! Parents always have to get upset due to bad things done by children.

Apart from this, the native always struggles with financial troubles due to Pitra Dosha! Despite hard work, income is low and very difficult to manage your home! Pitra never respects the elders in the family due to faults! Always disrespects elders! And the same thing happens in his children too! Due to all these reasons, the relations of the person are not good with the wife and there is always a lot in the house! If the person is also suffering from Manglik defects then surely the relationship with the wife is severed!

How to find out whether there is a pitra dosha in the horoscope?

Friends, first of all, see if the above symptoms are in your life or not! And if it is, then also inspect your horoscope or get some experienced astrology inspected! To check for Pitra dosha, first of all look at the position of the sun in the horoscope. Friends, Sun is related to our honor, father and elders! If the Sun suffers in the Kudli, then Pitra Dosh will definitely happen. Guru is also considered as father’s stuff because father gives birth and raises children, but the teacher is capable of leading life! That is why it is necessary to check the status of the Guru as well! Because if the guru is suffering then the native will have more inclination towards wrong actions! Apart from this, if the horoscope in the horoscope is afflicted by the ninth house, the fifth house and the sun and the guru, Rahu or Saturn, irrespective of their tactic or vision, Pitra dosha will definitely happen!

How to correct Pitr dosha?

First of all do good deeds in your life! Because only good deeds done by you will cut off the deeds done by your ancestors and their soul will get peace! Your children will also adopt a good lifestyle inspired by your deeds and respect you! And Pitra will not be a flaw in your future generations’ horoscope! Apart from this, make Sun and Guru strong and take measures for the peace of Rahu and Ketu! Serve the elders and get their blessings! Must contact an experienced astrologer for astrological remedies!


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