How to Win Grand League in Dream11


How to Win Grand League in Dream11 | How to Win in Dream11 Grand League | Dream11 Prediction

Hello friend’s Syed, you keep searching this every day! Key how to win grand league in dream & how to get 1st rank in dream 11 for grand league. Because I know how happy it is to bring 1st rank in dream11 grand league. When you come for the first time in dream11, that is, you don’t know anything about dream 11 Prediction, then you sing up and join the contest with the same low entry fees and millions of winning amount. And then you lose the contest. But when you see the team and the winning amount of your lower one ie 1st rank. Then you find it all very easy.

Do you think that he just selected these players and won so much money. And then you think that I will also make a similar team from tomorrow and win millions of rupees. Now lakhs of rupees are about to come. Brother, if this was so today today I would have 3 crore + users, all would be millionaires today. Now you must be thinking, can’t we win the grand league in dream11? You can win grand league in dream11 but for that you have to be a Dhoni in mind. Meaning you have to play with the dream 11 mind. And I am going to learn how to play with your dream11 mind.
Basically I will tell you 4 tips here, which you will follow, if you get the 1st rank or top 10 rank in grand league, then you will be able to get comfortable.

1. Dream11 Team Playing 11

You have to take care of this to win the dream 11 grand league. That the players you have selected. They are all playing player matches. It is not that you selected any players and you won the grand league. This never happens. You must have noticed this by yourself that even 1 of your player gets missed. So even before the match starts, your rank goes into lakhs. Because your 2 point decreases. And then bringing rank 1st in this case is very smiling. Therefore playing 11 players in your team is very important. For this you do a little re-search and know the best playing11 and then make a team.

2. How To Select a Players

Now I am going to tell you other tips. That you can select the players based on the recent form of the players. Of how the players performed in the previous match. If that player is in form. Only then you select it or else don’t. And don’t go to the big name player. Such as – rohit sharma, joe root, chris gayle etc. All these players are in the form, only then you select them or else do not. Because these players do not play in every match. You make a mistake and in selecting the players, you select all the top order batsmen of the team. This way if the batsman of the top orders gets out quickly. So you lose the match. You should always try to select players from both top orders and middle orders. So that the top order batsmen did not work. So batsman with middle orders get you the point
Boller – You do not pay much attention to bowler with low economy rate, you have to see who took more wickets in the recent match. And the ground on which the match is being done, which ground is helping the bowler more. Such as spinner or faster. If the spinner gets more wickets on that ground, then you should keep more spinners and fewer fasters in your team. And if Faster gets more wickets then you keep Faster more and spinner less. If you are playing T20, Dream11 Prediction then you have at least 2 bowlers in your team who bowling in death because I have chances of getting more wickets. And so that you can get more points.

3. Pitch Reports & Ground Information

And now what I am going to tell you. He helps you a lot to win the grand league. And that is the ground on which the pitch reports are going to match. How’s that pitch? Is batting friendly or bowling friendly means more scores are scored on that pitch, if more runs are scored on that pitch then you put more batsmen and less bowler in the team because there you will get more points of batting. And if that pitch is bowling friendly. Meaning there are more wickets there, then you should keep more bowler and less batter in your team because you will get more wickets points there. Taking all this information, if you make a team, then your chance of winning increases more.

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4. How To Select Captain & Vice-Captain

And now what I am going to tell you all. He is the most important to win you a grand league. Which is the captain & vice captain These are the players because of which you win or lose any league. And I’m gonna tell you such tricks. To select captain & vice captain which will make your grand league as easy as possible.
You always have to select that player as captain. Which is selected by only less than 30% people and the player is the best but out of form.

Example- Rohit Sharma who was selected by 80% of the people in the first match but he was out on zero, now only 50% of the people in the second match were selected by Rohit Sharma but they still did not work. Now in the third match, less than 30% of them will be selected and the captain will make only 5% people and then you will also give them the captain because you know. The day Sharma runs for 100 runs, he will die 100%

So imagine if you have joined a contest of 1 lakh members, in which only 30% of the people had selected Sharma i.e. only 30 thousand people will increase the points from 1 lakh people and only 5% of the people left the captain in which you are also 5. Points of thousand people will be doubled, now you think that your competition will be with only 5 thousand people, so that you will win the grand league comfortably.
So in this way you have to select the captain for the grand league.

Now let’s talk about v captain’s friends v captain, you have to select a little safe, you always select v captain all rounder and select all rounder who also does good batting and bowling also best because if he is not in batting If he walked, he could get you points by bowling.

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