How to win every match from Dream11 Prediction Tips


How to win every match from Dream11 Prediction Tips | Dream 11 Today Match

You must have heard the name of Dream11 where all types of cricket matches are weighted. In today’s time, Dream 11 has become the most famous earning channel of those people who are associated with cricket. They make teams using their Prediction Tips in it and also earn good money.

How To Win In Dream 11

Before we know how to win a match using Dream 11 Prediction Tips, we get to know a little about it.

If you do not know about it then you can understand such as Dream11 is a fantasy sports platform app where you can win matches and earn money by applying vet on cricket, football, kabaddi, basketball. For this you need to have a good knowledge about cricket or else you will lose every match.

In Dream 11 we put weight on every player and we get points according to what he achieves in the match. Know basic wiki about it

Founder: Harsh Jain and Bhavit Sheth
Opening: 2008
Headquarters: Mumbai, India
Industry: Fantasy Sports
Now we come to our main point that how to win matches in Dream 11 with the help of prediction and expert tips.

Here I am telling you my personal tips, which you can easily win 8 out of 10 matches by using it.

How to win matches in Dream11. How to play

For this, you will find many such people on the Internet and youtube, who give you a team with the help of Prediction, which also works. (N- sometimes does not)

Keep Basic Knowledge About Cricket Players

You are required to have complete information about the players who are putting weight on the two teams you are putting on. Keep in mind that the cricket team of any country can have more than 11 players. You should just keep in mind who will play when you are applying the weight.

Secondly, you should also know how the previous record of Cricket Players was. You can view the old record of any player on the Internet. According to that you should select the player in the match who can perform good perfomance. If there is even 5 mintue left for the match to start, then you should keep in mind that there is no player Get Out or Get In.

Check Point System Fantasy App

If you use any app other than dream11, then keep in mind how the points found will be found. There are many types of matches in cricket such as the points found in IPL, Odi, ODD, etc. are different. That is, from a point you can lose the match.

For this, check the Points System in Dream11 App so that you can understand how you will get points on Run, Catch, Four, Six, Wicket Out etc.

Dream 11 Prediction And Tips

Investment Only H2H Champion -: If you do not want to get into unnecessary trouble, then only join Head to Head Campion. And in this too, we put a weight on the price as low as possible. That is to apply the maximum weight with the lowest price. And yes you think that if I play in this match, then Contest should be added 24 hours in advance so that the High Compiter will not be available.

The advantage of joining Contest 24 hours ago will be that you will increase your chances of getting a Compiter below you. And in the Low Price Contest, you will find new people who do Low Invesment in Statrting.

Cap And Vic-Cap Luck Is King In Every Situation

C means Capton and VC means Vice Cap. It happens from When you join the match then you get an option to choose C and VC. This gives you double and dead fold points. That is, if you make a C that makes 10 points, then you will get 20.

Similarly, if VC makes 10, then you get 15 points. That is, the main choice is to choose C and VC well. If you choose these well then you will always start coming in the 1st rank.

And in the final you would like to say that if our Luck is right then Bad Team can also give us 1st Rank. So play carefully and do your best to win the match.


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